Valuation of all items offered for sale

Buying a luxury item from a  reputated company is a garantee for the novice who will thus be able to rely on the trained and watchful eye of the expert.

The professional reseller carries out the assessment of authenticity and all necessary repairs and restoration  before the second-hand items are offered for sale. For all these reasons, the professional reseller places his name, his reputation and his renown on the line.


For more than 26 years, we have been assisting our clients in the selection and purchase of the ideal luxury item; bags or high-end branded watches, gold jewels or signed jewels, diamonds ...

Before the luxury items are offered for sale, each one of them is assessed and authenticated by our experienced team made of passionate experts. This ensures you buy genuine products.

As a company, we also call on the best external and totally independant experts.

Thanks to our teams of internal and external experts, you can purchase from us with total confidence and peace of mind !

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All our watches are systematically checked, authenticated and sent to our workshops for a full refitting: cleaning, case polishing, mouvement refurbishing, water-proofing (when necessary), bracelet replacement, ...

All our luxury bags, diamonds and jewels are  also systematically checked, authenticated and restored (when necessary).

We carefully select bags, watches, jewels and prestigious diamonds. We take the greatest care to ensure our luxury items get to you in absolute quality.


Buying second-hand luxury items is the best way to offer yourself high-quality products that are never out of fashion at affordable prices.

It is also an excellent investment. An opportunity to buy unique items to replenish luxuriously your wardrobe.

Change according to your desires, the seasons or special events (watches and second-hand luxury bags, gold jewels and signed jewels, diamonds).

With our luxury items, you can dress up the way you deserve to be looked at !